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Apply 1-3 wet on wet coats over several days, flooding all checking and end sealing all faces of the joinery. Paint pads work best. Buff out the finish using a power tool with a wool 'cutting' pad. This heats the wood and the oil, burnishing it deep into the fibre and greatly speeding drying time. Do not 'overbuff' - buff several times a day only for 1-2 days or until the finish will not show a fingerprint.

Land Ark is both the easiest finish to apply and the most forgiving. For 20 years most shops have refused to buff out the wood, and this unwillingness is the root cause of finishing problems when they do arise.

I sell a Dynabrade 7, 8 or 11 inch combination sanding and buffing tool of exceptional power, quality, and value - making the Feins, Porter Cables, and Festools seem like toys. The electric Dynabrade is 120 V; 11 amp; 3/4" orbit; 0-3000 rpm; and dual action - random orbit and forced rotation. It will sand almost as aggressively as a belt sander without the directional and gouging problems of a powerful belt. It is sold as a complete tool, or as a locking random orbit head and pad that attaches to any 5/8" spindle angle grinder type tool body. Sanding pads, backing plates, scouring pads, and wool buffing pads are also available.

The 'solid' to solvent ratio is 75% when the finish is made, about the maximum that will still penetrate the wood quickly. The ideal method, especially for marine use is to buy the 75%, thin the first coat to 50-60%, increasing the percentage with subsequent coats. The finis I ship out will be 60-65%. Finishes can be thinned  as needed with either terpenes, or they can be enriched with the Liquid Wax. The Liquid Wax can be thinned with any Liquid Finish or terpenes for use as an end grain and joinery sealer.

Apply coats wet-on-wet until the wood will not absorb any more finish
; allow time for absorption, then buff any excess with a towel or with a power tool for best results - this heats the wood and finish, burnishes the finish deep into the wood fibre, and hastens the polymerization or drying. When dry, build coats if desired. The standard finish is supplied at 65% solids; 60% is recommended for production shops that prefer not to buff; the 75% concentrated finish is also available.

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